February 7, 2017

Product Review: Grammarly

I've been using the Grammarly browser extension for a few weeks now. I find it not only helpful but educational too. You can download the browser extension here, or in the link below, and get a free week of premium service.
January 27, 2017

My Guest Post for the NaNoWriMo Blog is Live

Guest Post for NaNoWriMo is Live! The guest post for NaNoWriMo that I wrote is live on the NaNoWriMo Blog. In it,  talk about the progress I’ve made on my […]
November 28, 2016
Why I Wanted to Become an Author

Why I Wanted to Become an Author

Well, I'd like to start this tale off with the whole flowery speech about how I always knew I wanted to write books. But, f**k it. I'm not going to lie.
November 22, 2016
NaNoWriMo 2016 Winner

Winner, Winner. Turkey Dinner?

Mission complete. Sort of. Sunday, I was able to finally validate my words after meeting the #NaNoWriMo minimum of 50,000 words.