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February 7, 2017
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Fantasy Vs Reality in Romance Novels

Do you want the fantasy romance or is strict realism more your style?

In a group of writers, I posted the link to a Pinterest board I made that has all the characters from the Falling Small Duet. One of the writers voiced her disdain for my choice of men.

She said, “Geeze, I must be the odd one out here.  All those muscles gross me out.  I look at guys like that and think, nah, not for me[…] I prefer a little layer of cuddle on guys.”

Okay? To each her own, I suppose. We all have our preferences. My man leanings just happen to be toward the in-shape.

I’m going to go out on a limb here to say that I’m not alone in this preference for a muscular physique. But to be honest, there is a little more thought my choice. There is motivation behind my penchant for the more physically fit in writing.

Top of the list is believability.

I’m betting there isn’t a romance reader alive that would read, much less like, a book where the male lead orgasms before his sexual partner. Isn’t it sexy when he then rolls over to take a nap right after?

No, we want to read about the rare guy who takes his time and ensures multiple Os for his partner and remains conscious afterward. At least, that’s the fantasy.

But, for any of that to be believable, we must first buy that he has stamina. No pot-bellied nerd, who spends ninety percent of his free time playing video games, is going to survive an hour plus in the sack.

Regardless of how realistic either of those situations is, it’s a fact that we will read and believe the heroine would fall in love with Mr. Stamina before anyone would be on board with her falling for Mr. Sleepy.

Then again, people always surprise me. What are your thoughts? What is more believable for you?

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