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I have been a book nerd for as long as I can remember. Not that I ever broadcast that fact the way I do now, but it’s no less true. I started writing when I was in Jr. High. I read R.L. Stein novels, and they inspired me to write short stories of death and dismemberment. In high school, I would write and torture my friends with some ridiculously angsty poetry. In college, I wrote comedy sketches and plays that we would act out in my theatre group during variety shows and productions. I even have a 90% complete screenplay that’s a semi-autobiographical piece that my friends helped me write back then. My life story is indeed pretty wild and dramatic, but I think that helps feed my writing with a healthy dose of realism. I had my first kid shortly after walking the stage for my first college graduation, and my second followed after. It wasn’t until my oldest was around five years, that I decided to give novel-writing a serious go. I have an awesome blog post that tells the story of why I started writing again here.

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