Let’s Get Rebel’s Readers Off the Ground

A few months ago, I had a chat with the developers over a Beta Books. I’d spoken with quite a few romance authors that were struggling to find beta readers. As a reader myself, I’ve been hesitant to volunteer to read books because there are too many people who just slap together a book, barely edit, and think that it’s ready for the Beta reading stage. I think mostly because it’s really not well-defined when you should offer up a book to betas.

The short answer is when you have a fairly clean, edited manuscript that you believe is very close to its final form.

But how do you know when you’re ready?

Well, the solution is to find an experienced reader to read it and tell you that you’re ready. And that’s where Rebel’s Readers comes in. I’ll accept submissions each month and pick the one that is most ready for betas and offer it up to the readers in my pool. There are also going to be a few other treats in store for the winning submissions. In addition to exciting incentives for readers. We’re still ironing out the details on that, but more information will be coming soon.

At this stage, I’m trying to gauge interest in this type of program. If you’re interested in reading or submitting work as an author, fill out the form below. Furthermore, I’ll notify interested parties by email when the program goes live.

If you’re a romantic suspense reader, you should totally check out my books. My debut novel, False Start, releases February 7th, 2018. If you’re an author, also check out my other side hustles. And I’ve got a few business-type things you might find useful on my Rebel Plans Blog.

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