My team is pretty awesome. A lot of people compare books to babies. Never is it more true than when you look at the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It takes a whole slew of people to ensure a self-published novel is done right. Below are the deets on my amazing, kickass team, and how they help me bring my stories to you, dear reader. They are the best of the best. I couldn’t hit the publish button without them.

My Editor/My Precious

*insert Gollum voice here*

Sandra Depukat

of One Love Editing isn't just my editor, she's my motherfucking lifesaver and a bonafide badass. I really couldn't do it without her. I mean, I could write, but it I wouldn't approach publishing with such confidence in my work. She reaches in, plucks out the heart of my problems and issues, working with me until we find the solution that was hidden in my brain the whole damn time. I've also worked with her as a proofreader for False Start, and she is beyond amazing at that too. I would highly recommend her, but she's mine and you can only have her when I'm not in need of her. Yeah, so back off bitches! But if you really must insist—you can find out more about her on her Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter.

Her Website


Jenn Wood

of All About The Edits is an awesome and thorough proofreader. Going the extra mile to make sure the manuscript is as clean as she can make it. I highly recommend her. She has been a pleasure to work with so far and I see this as the start of a great relationship. She also does editing, too, if you're in need of that sort of thing. You can find out more about Jenn on her Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram.

Her Website

Proofreader/Super Fomatting Extrodinaire

Erik Gevers

has some serious skills as a graphic artist and book formatter, but perhaps his most valuable one—he puts up with my picky ass and responds to all my demands with a gracious attitude. Which is kind of incredible because I put him through the ringer with my first book, but we have lots more to come, and perhaps someday I won't be such a pain in his backside... but I somehow doubt it.

Email Him

Cover Designer & Branding Sensei

Regina Wamba

of Mae I Design is an absolute genius. After one phone call she had pegged, found a direction for my branding, and created the most stunning cover designs I have ever seen. She exceeds my expectations at every turn. No doubt she is worth every penny. You can find out more about her company on her Facebook Page, Pinterest, Twitter, 500px, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram.


Beta Reader

Cassie Sharp

is an author in her own right of Suspense/Thrillers. Though, she has no website, for now, to link for you. I'm on her ass about it constantly, so maybe soon I can update this. She is the best beta reader, and I don't know what I would do without her. She's always quick to dive into a new book, willing to read rewrites and edits, and she never holds back. If she loves it, she tells me. If she can't understand what the fuck I'm saying, she tells me. But she also sticks around to discuss in detail what exactly the problem is and helps me find a solution. She is my rock and sometimes my savior. And I hope she sticks with me for years to come because I can't even explain how much I appreciate her.

Visit Her Facebook Page

My PR Team

Amanda & Ena

over at Enticing Journey Book Promotions have been amazing to work with so far. We haven't really gotten into the thick of it, as they say. But soon enough these ladies are the ones who will be keeping me sane throughout the three months that I'm releasing my first three books ever. You can find out more about them on their Facebook Page, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and Instagram.


Cover Designer/Book Formatter

Erica Alexander

was amazing to work with. Not only was she super fast. I've given her the nickname The Flash because she designed the amazing cover for my novella Snapshot in one day. No joke. She was quick to respond to a request for changes and was amazing in coming up with little details I hadn't thought of when I was giving her my vision. It was so much fun working with her. I will definitely call on her in the future for more projects, and I highly, highly recommend her. You can find out more about her and her work on her Facebook Page. Or by visiting her website at the button below.

Her Website

Proofreader/Beta Reader

Kimberly Tremblay

was a shining beacon of light when I needed her most. She offered to beta read for me out of the kindness of her heart when I was a lost newbie writer that had a manuscript in hand but no idea what kind of editing I needed. Even though she does editing, proofreading, and beta reading professionally, she was willing to help me out and I will forever be in her debt.

Email Her

Other Beta Readers

I have quite a few other beta readers that deserve mention but don't have professional websites or pages to list, but they do deserve mention because they're all badass betas. They give it to me straight everytime and aren't afraid to point out when something isn't working. Without their added insight, Sandra and I wouldn't be able to pull the story together so tightly, leaving no loose ends. So in no particular order, thank you Trisha Habathuer, Tara Tyndall, JJ Ashton, Lori Diederich, Bryan Fagan, and Amy McKenna.And of course, I couldn't pull it all together without my trusty BetaBooks to help organize and keep track of all my feedback. Check out BetaBooks at the link below.

Check Out Beta Books
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